• 40+ button images
  • buy, donate and subscribe functionality
  • works with any type of PayPal account
  • super easy to use and setup

5sec PayPal buttons are a “normal” WP shortcode so all the usual shortcode rules apply.

Using the shortcode editor GUI

  • PayPal email address – PayPal account/email address you want to receive money on. Please double check for obvious reasons. Your WP email address is used by default.
  • Currency – list of currencies PayPal currently supports.
  • Price / donation amount – amount of money you want to receive. Please use decimal point as the decimal separator. You can put zero when you request donations and want people to enter their own amount.
  • Item name / donation description – it can be left blank so that customers enter their own description on checkout. Max 127 chars.
  • Return URL – URL customers are redirected after they make the payment. Two variables are available for easier use: {site-url} and {this-page}. First one obviously contains the site’s home URL while the second one is the current page/post URL on which the button is placed. Both are full URLs.
  • Button type – button type defines the variables you have to set in order for the button to work. It also tells PayPal what kind of button you’re using so please choose an appropriate type.
  • Item quantity – number of items your selling. Available only for buy buttons. Defaults to 1.
  • Shipping price – shipping price is added to the overall item cost. Available only for buy buttons. Defaults to 0.
  • Subscription billing cycle – cycle length after which the customer is billed the specified amount again. Defaults to 1 month, or “monthly subscription”. Available only for “subscribe” button type.
  • Button image – there are 3 types of button images: predefined images in 4 categories (buy, donate, subscribe and misc), images that have the price printed on them dynamically and the last option is to enter the URL to your custom image. You can choose any button you like regardless of its type.


Buy – [paypal seller="test@test.com" currency_code="USD" price="10" name="Little Brown Box" return_url="{this-page}" type="_xclick" button="buy-01.gif" quantity="1" shipping="7"]

Subscribe – [paypal seller="test@test.com" currency_code="USD" price="13" name="Little Newspaper" return_url="{this-page}" type="_xclick-subscriptions" button="subscribe-01.gif" cycle="1M"]

Donate – [paypal seller="test@test.com" currency_code="USD" price="10" name="Support Cancer Research" return_url="{this-page}" type="_donations" button="donate-04.gif"]

Shortcode parameters

  • seller – seller’s PayPal email address
  • currency_code – one of predefined PayPal currency codes
  • price – price amount
  • name – name of the product
  • return_url – return URL
  • type – PayPal button type. _xclick, _donations or _xclick-subscriptions
  • quantity – product quantity, available only for _xclick button type
  • shipping – shipping price, available only for _xclick button type
  • cycle – cycle length. Available only for _xclick-subscriptions button type. Ie “1M” for monthly subscriptions. D – for days, W – for weeks, M – for months and Y – for years
  • button – Button image. Enter full URL or just the filename of a predefined button from /images/buttons/ folder
  • debug – if you’re getting errors either from the shortcode or PayPal enable debug to seeall variables

Further customization

Button image has a “paypal-button” class so you can target it with css if any customization is needed. If you want to add your button images to the predefined set either overwrite one of predefined images or put new ones in the “buttons” folder and follow the naming convention. Then add the image path to the $buttons array found on the beginning of 5sec-paypal-buttons.php file.